Creating positive wellbeing in the workplace

Unwind LDN hosts creative workshops for adults to help them relax, learn new skills and be more productive via the mindful nature of arts and crafts.


We provide opportunities for employees to explore their creative potential because we believe businesses with working environments that foster creativity are more likely to see their people and profits flourish. 





Strategy Meetings. National Sales Meetings. Creative Days For Businesses. Memorable Launches & Corporate Events. Fun Away Days. Brainstorming Meetings. Employee Wellbeing Events. Seasonal Events- Christmas & Summer Parties. Nationwide Team Building....and more!


Choose from over 30 classes

Our team is made up of some of the UK's most talented artists and craftspeople. From modern calligraphy to candle-making to screen printing, our Unwinders can unleash creative potential in anyone, anywhere. 

If you know what you are looking for- perfect! If you don't, leave it to us and we'll design a bespoke workshop to fit the needs of your organisation.


Creativity is cited as one of the top three skills required for workers to thrive in 2020 yet research claims British businesses are at risk of a creativity crisis due to workplace cultures stifling innovation. The number of employees who have experienced poor mental health due to work in the past year has also increased significantly.

We believe businesses can address both issues by introducing creativity to the wellbeing agenda. Exercising the brain with regular interaction in creative activities helps employees navigate business challenges more effectively, unlocks new opportunities for innovation and growth and improve their emotional wellbeing. 

Healthy Work/Life Balance

Increased Growth & Productivity

New Ideas & Innovation

Mindfulness & Brain Exercise

Improves Social Connections

I first discovered the benefits of arts and crafts for my mental health during an episode of burnout in 2016 when I experienced Art Therapy. Since then, creative time has become an essential part of my daily routine helping me to achieve work/life balance and positive mental health.


Over the years, I've met many talented artists who share my passion for art and wellbeing so in 2019, I identified an opportunity for the art and corporate world to merge, and launched Unwind LDN - a business dedicated to artist-lead craft classes, team building exercises and creative events in the workplace.

Don't just take our word for it!

I can't believe I haven't looked at my phone the whole time- what a great way to switch off and focus my mind on something other than work!

Rashlin Hansi, Full-time Financial Consultant

& CEO of Velvet Kenya

Ready to unwind?


If you think your organisation could benefit from getting creative, contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss how we can support you and help you unwind! 

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"we must use time creatively" - martin luther king jr.

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