ways to unwind at work

Considering the amount of time we spend at our workplaces, it makes sense to foster workplace wellness programs. Not only does it affect the productivity output of team members, but it makes them feel good in all areas of life—including work.


As the world of work progresses, one of the signs of a good employer will be the quality of their workplace wellness program in recruiting and retaining talent. Big or small, all businesses can benefit from offering a variety of wellness initiatives at work.

All our workshops can run during lunch breaks in under an hour, require no prior experience and are easy to host on site, providing no disruption to the day to day routine of your teams.

Virtual Workshops

The perfect team social to help support employees with their mental health and stay connected whilst working remotely.

Have fun while you bond and learning a new artistic skill together in under an hour. Run by artists and open to everyone with no experience required! Book today!

Image by The Creative Exchange
Weekly Classes

Like all exercise, practice makes perfect. Make creative workshops a regular weekly 45min fixture on site for 12 weeks to see the cumulative benefits of arts & crafts in your business.

Why not trial Wellbeing Wednesdays or Mindful Mondays at your work?

Team Building

Watch your team surprise themselves with their creative skills as they step out of their comfort zone, working together or creating individual pieces to form a "bigger picture".

Why not try something new at your next team meeting?


Ditch the powerpoint and get hands on! This is a memorable way to engage with employees, clients or consumers and the perfect moment to promote a business, brand or product.

Why not wow your audience at your next big event?

Image by Ifrah Akhter
"Everybody has creative potential and from the moment you can express this...you can change the world"- Paulo Coelho

"regular engagement in creative activities offers cumulative emotional benefits"- 2019 bbc great british creativity test