Our talented artisans can teach pretty much anything creative to anyone! If you know, what you are looking for- perfect! If you don't, leave it to us and we'll design a bespoke workshop to fit the needs of your organisation.


Below are some of the workshops we offer currently...

  • Brush Lettering
  • Modern Calligraphy
  • Letterpress Printing

  • Copperplate Printing

  • Lino Printing

  • Screen Printing

  • Book Binding

  • Gold Gilding

  • 3D pen art

  • Stitching & Hand Embroidery

  • Crochet, Knitting

  • Pom Pom Accessories

  • Giant Cross Stitch Installation *perfect for events*

  • Watercolour Painting

  • Paper Craft - e.g. Flower Crowns

  • Textile Art - beadwork, mosaic, murals

  • Illustration

  • Candle Making

  • Essential Oils masterclass

  • Handmade Soaps & Cleansers

  • Home Diffuser & Aromatherapy Oils

  • Leather Craft (e.g. Purses, Wallets)

  • Shoe Making (e.g Espadrilles & Slippers)

  • Festive Workshops (e.g. Christmas Baubles, Pumpkin Designs, Easter Egg Decorating)

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