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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Man holding cross stitch embroidery hoop

We were thrilled when Jamie Chalmers AKA Mr X Stitch accepted our invitation to join the hub of Unwinders as a workshop host to share his talents and promote the benefits of cross-stitch! We've been following him (not stalking we promise!) online for some time now and recently saw him in action at The Handmade Festival 2019 where he created a bespoke huge cross stitch mural LIVE throughout the 4 day event (see below).

Jamie posing next to his completed giant mural made bespoke for the Handmade Festival 2019
Mr X-Stitch at The Handmade Festival 2019

A self-titled "man-broiderer" and stitcher for over 15 years, Jamie passionately believes in the benefits of stitching, both from a relaxation and a sustainability perspective, having launched a website (Mr X Stitch), written books and spoken at Tedx Events on the topic.

It was when he bought a cross-stitch travel kit to keep him busy whilst on a holiday that he discovered the power it held. Obsessed by this newly discovered skill but frustrated, however, by the lack of inspiration available of how to use it (tea towels with country cottages or kittens weren't his scene!), Jamie was inspired to create his own unique form of graffiti cross-stitch patterns and launched his website Mr X Stitch in 2008.

"I fell in love with it almost instantly...X stitch is a simple stitch and yet it has a repetition that before long slows you down and brings you into a meditative state"

An artist, author, collaborator, TED speaker, Jamie is a force to be reckoned with in the embroidery world as not only does he challenge the stereotype that embroidery is a past-time reserved for grannies but also showcases how embroidery can be a powerful tool for wellbeing with a positive effect on mental health. And it's for this reason, we simply had to have him on board on our mission to #makeworkwell.

"The threads might come on bobbins but the possibilities are endless. X stitch is accessible and easy to do. I genuinely believe if every single person on the planet tried it, it would make the world a better place"

"All it takes is a bit of imagination and a needle & thread!" says Jamie, AKA Mr X Stitch, who has inspired many new artists and people to pick up the needle and thread. He ends his wonderfully funny and inspiring Tedx Talk with 3 key words to describe X stitch: powerful, relevant & necessary. On that basis alone, count us in!

To see more of Jamie's work, visit his website: or follow him on socials @mrxstitch

Why not invite Mr X Stitch to your workplace and host a X Stitch workshop? To find out more, get in touch with us today by filling out an enquiry form here.

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