Spend Your Team Budget Effectively

When organising team events for your staff, do you find it challenging to find activities that didn't involve huge amounts of alcohol or participating in things seemingly unrelated to the company values? Whilst employees are often grateful for the time and effort their managers take to invest in fun team days/nights out, many would prefer the money be spent more meaningfully to actually help their development, either professionally or personally.

Re-write the script with a relaxing and fun brush lettering workshop!
Brush Lettering & Calligraphy

"In my previous job, I was a Marketing Director with a large team to manage, inspire and grow using my staff development budget. Hearing so many people crying out for more support from their managers to achieve better work/life balance and feel less stressed, I launched Unwind LDN. With the help of the UK's most talented artisans, we bring creative workshops to businesses in order to improve wellbeing and boost productivity" says Unwind LDN founder Priya Chandé

So if you're planning a team event this Christmas or building your development budget for 2020 right now, why not consider bringing Unwind LDN in to host a creative workshop to help your teams unplug and unwind, learn new skills and boost their productivity?

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