Teachers "at breaking point" and need support

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

A new report issued by charity @EducationSupport has revealed record levels of stress among teachers with experts warning that teachers are "at breaking point" suffering from more severe psychological problems than at any point this century. It goes on to reveal that more than ⅓ of education professionals have experienced a mental health issue in the past academic year and almost half (49%) believe their workplace is having a negative impact on their mental health.

In light of this, we were proud to have been invited to Durston House Prep school for boys, to host three 1hr workshops at their recent Staff Inset Day. The Director of Studies organising the day wanted to lay on a morning focused on relaxation and wellbeing among staff with various activities promoting positive physcial, emotional and mental health. The teachers and school staff were able to sign up to three workshops that they rotated between including fun group activities such as Archery, Bushcrafts, Volleyball & Painting (hosted by us!).

We were thrilled that our workshops were one of the most popular and we welcomed over 50 staff all eager to join us as we got creative and painted plant pots. For every client we work with, all workshops are personalised and designed with the attendees in mind. For this session, we focused on plants as we felt they symbolised the role of teachers and their students as they nurture and watch them grow. Furthermore, the plant pots could take pride of place on their desks back in the classroom and serve as a reminder of the relaxing feelings they had during the workshop with us!

The results of all the workshops were amazing with 86% of attendees feeling more relaxed after just one session. So many of the staff said the last time they had picked up a paint brush was when they themselves were at school so this was a great way to reverse roles and let them be the kids for a change! The positivity in the room and creativity was infectious, with some participants not wanting to leave!

"It is such a great stress reliever to paint and enjoy chit chat with those around you. Thank you for the day, I really enjoyed it! - Latin Teacher

As a new business, we are committed to learning from our workshops and receiving feedback from clients is crucial for us to grow. On this occasion, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive (phew!) with 100% of attendees happy to recommend Unwind LDN workshops to a friend. To the individual who didn't enjoy our choice of playlist- thank you! Perhaps we'll put it to our online community to tell us what they'd enjoy listening to at workshops as it's a hard one to get right!

"The session was an excellent experience for all the staff who enrolled, and there was a lot of positive feedback after the event" - Durston House, Director of Studies

The report concluded that teachers want more support, urging the government and organisations to ensure there is sufficient funding to prioritise developing healthier workplaces and working practices within the education sector. In light of this, it was a pleasure to be involved with Durston House and to see how seriously they take the wellbeing of their staff as well as their students.

If you work in the education sector and would like to know more about Unwind LDN, get in touch by filling out our enquiry form and we'd be happy to design a creative workshop program for you.

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Durston House Boys Prep School Teachers & Staff, October 2019
Happy Teachers after an Unwind LDN Plant Pot Painting Workshop!

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